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Maria  del Consuelo Guijosa
Sound Learning
Program Manager/Instructor



At the age of 65 Miguel dreamt of learning English and becoming a US citizen. Miguel started working with a tutor to improve his English skills.


By 2013 Miguel was able to speak well enough to obtain a job in a bakery.  He began working full-time, contributing and participating actively in his workplace.


In 2018 Miguel came back to our program to prepare for his citizenship interview. On July 4th 2019, at the age of 73, Miguel obtained his US citizenship. He is pictured here standing proudly with his family on that day.



Owen came to Sound Learning to earn his GED.  A new training had become available through his employer that would strengthen his future job prospects, but it was only for employees with a high school diploma. 

Owen was under significant pressure to finish his degree in a short period of time – 3 months – in order to take advantage of this opportunity. 

Owen studied hard after long days at his manufacturing

job to refresh his math, reading, and writing skills.  After a lot of hard work he earned his diploma, gained renewed confidence in his abilities, and was able to participate in the vocational training classes.

Owen credits Sound Learning with helping him keep his job and take the next step on his career journey toward better earnings.  His wife and children are very proud of him.


Mirna is from Nicaragua and worked for many years as a housekeeper. 


She began working towards completion of her high school diploma in 2017 and in a little over a year she earned her diploma with the support of a Sound Learning tutor. 


She is now enrolled in community college classes at SPSCC with the goal of becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant. 



Sandy is a high school graduate who didn’t perform well on the placement test used by community colleges to determine where a student will begin. 


She received intensive reading tutoring from Sound Learning to improve her reading comprehension, and improved both her reading skills and her score on the placement test. 


She started community college in 2017. She received her Customer Service Certificate from South Puget Sound Community College. 

Sandy is currently working towards her Associates in Medical Billing Administration. 



Joseph first came to Sound Learning in 2008 as a young stay-at-home Dad.


Jobs and life got in the way, but he returned, then again… Joseph came back 4 times between 2008 and late 2017.


  The last time he returned he became a High School Plus (HS+) student, and although work and family kept him from speeding through the program, he completed and earned his

diploma in winter 2019.


  Joseph’s dream job was to work at the Shelton Corrections Center.


In the summer of 2019 he completed all of the
necessary evaluations and testing for a position at the Corrections Center.  As of September, 2019 he reports that he is now working in his dream job!



Adelina came from Mexico to The United States in 1999. 


She has been working as a caregiver for the last 3 years. While working with seniors, she realized she needed to improve her English skills to communicate with them.


In April 2018, Adelina joined our one-on-one tutoring program. Once Adelina started studying English, she became very motivated and decided to enroll in the High School Plus program. Adelina obtained her diploma in June 2019.

She is the first member of her family to do so. She is very proud to be a role model for her daughters who both left high school before graduating.

One of them is
interested in joining the HS 21+ Program next year.

Adelina is now setting new goals for her life. She wants to keep improving her academic skills with the help of Sound Learning to be able to go to college, and one day become a dental assistant.

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