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The pilot of the High School 21+ (HS 21+) program is in full swing!

HS21+ is a competency based program where students can earn credits towards a high school diploma. Sound Learning is excited to be the first community-based organization to offer this program through our unique partnership with South Puget Sound Community College.

One aspect that makes this program unique is that there are no high stakes tests, which is a big plus for many students. According to instructor Tangee Fox, "Students are more engaged, having deeper conversations, asking interesting questions, and creating knowledge together. The most exciting and interesting discussions this last quarter have been during the Washington State history module.” Four of our students will be transferring to SPSCC this spring to earn their final credits and diplomas!

For more information about becoming a tutor or a student in the program, please call (360) 426-9733, or stop by our learning center at 133 W. Railroad Ave. Shelton, WA.

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