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Open Doors

Newcomer Program

Sound Learning, in collaboration with the Shelton School District, provides English Language Acquisition (ELA) instruction to immigrant youth ages 16 to 21 years old. 


ELA Instruction focuses on developing foundational English language, conversation, reading, writing, employability, technology, math, and study skills from beginner through intermediate levels.  Instruction will be primarily in English as students move into high beginner and intermediate levels.  

This program is designed to put students on a path to enter high school diploma level courses in the future.  Sound Learning offers classroom instruction year round.

We offer a unique model of small group instruction. Over Sound Learning’s 26-year history, we have successfully provided quality, accessible, and innovative literacy programs to a diverse community of learners representing varied educational, economic, cultural, and language backgrounds.  We serve as an on-ramp to education and career pathways, and partner with our local community colleges to transition students to more advanced training.

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