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Mission Statement (what and who):


We educate adults to be equipped to succeed and contribute to their community. 


Vision Statement (why and how):


Sound Learning transforms lives through education by helping people develop self-reliance, and strengthening community involvement through collaboration.


We see a community that takes advantage of the economic and social opportunities represented by greater levels of literacy.  Students and alumni are respected and represented in the business, social and education sectors.



Values Statement (what we believe):


  • We are committed to respecting, supporting, and collaborating with the adult and youth participants in our program.


  • We believe that learner-centered, community-based education gives power and knowledge to people who often have not experienced success in more traditional educational settings.


  • We individualize instruction, building on each participant’s life experiences, interests, abilities, and personal goals as they relate to their role in the family, workplace, and community. 


  • We are committed to bettering lives through education, because helping people to help themselves -- building self-reliance -- strengthens communities.

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