Giving For A Strong Community

Welcome to Sound Learning!

Your individual contributions make our work possible.  Please consider donating annually or pledge to give a monthly donation. We can set up automatic monthly contributions through an authorized recurring charge to your credit/debit card. Your donations help us to continue to provide these much needed services to those living in the communities we serve, in both Mason and Thurston counties. It’s easy to donate to Sound Learning.  

How To Donate

Please let us know if you are looking for more information on how to support our mission and help. Below are several ways that you, as an individual, can give generously.

Corporate Giving/Event Sponsorship
Your corporate giving and sponsorship are key to helping us raise additional funds and continue the good work we do. There are many ways to make a contribution. Annual or quarterly contributions. How about putting together a team or being a team sponsor, for our annual, Spring Spell-E-Bration event ($500.00 registration fee). Be a major sponsor of the event and have your company's Logo on display at the event and included in advertising and the programs. We couldn't do this without you.
Click on the "make a donation" button at the upper right of this page to make a one-time donation through PayPal. Want to donate monthly through PayPal? Go to, create an account for yourself if you are not a current customer. You can set up a recurring monthly donations to Sound and PayPal will send us your donation each month on the date you choose. A small monthly donation adds up quickly. A $25 per month adds up to an amazing donation of $300 per year?
Network For Good
Another way to easily donate is to connect to Network for Good Donation page at Enter your donation information and source credit card and a donation will be electronically transferred to Sound Learning with a verification letter.

Direct Contributions
Mail a check to: Sound Learning, P O Box 2529, Shelton, WA 98584
Call us: 360-426-9733 and speak with our Executive Director, Sue, to arrange a credit/debit card donation.
Drop off your donation at our office located in downtown Shelton, 133 W. Railroad Ave, Shelton, WA 98584
Planned Estate Giving
Your estate planning could make a big impact in your community. Please consider Sound Learning when deciding how your estate could benefit others.

Donor Benefits and Special Acknowledgments

All Donors

All donors, in any classification are invited to a special “Meet and Greet” event where they can meet other donors, volunteers, staff, and a few of the students.   All donors are also listed in Sound Learning’s Annual Report and invited to visit a classroom to interact with students. 

Lifelong Learner

Donors classified as Lifelong Learner or above will receive special acknowledgement on the Sound Learning Website.


Donors classified as Scholar will have a turn as the “featured donor” in a Sound Learning newsletter.  This feature will list the donor’s name, their business name, and an acknowledgement of their generosity. Donors will be invited to participate in “coffee” with students – which is a chance to have 1:1 conversation with a small group of students.  They will also be listed on a Wall of Fame display at the Sound Learning office and at events.


Those in the Champion classification will be given ad space on the Sound Learning website and Newsletter with a business logo, address, business name accompanied by a “please support this business” blurb.  They will also have a Spelling Bee round named after them during the Spell-E-Bration competition.
Anyone in the Champion Benefactor classification will have the added benefit of being invited to dinner with the Board of Directors.


Donors who carry the Benefactor label, will be highlighted during Spell-E-Bration in the program, by the Emcee, and on the Donor’s display.

Join The Dean's List: Pledge a monthly, automatic, recurring donation. 

A small monthly amount grows into a generous annual donation.
Just look at how these monthly amounts grow:
$25.00 per month     =      $300.00 per year
$50.00 per month     =      $600.00 per year
$75.00 per month     =      $900.00 per year 
$100.00 per month   =      $1,200.00 per year

To make your pledge today, fill out the form below, call the office or email us at include your name, email address and phone number.  We will do the rest.

You will receive an invoice through Square payment systems for the FIRST month via email.  When you pay the invoice on line, you can choose to have Square save your credit card information and request to be automatically charged each month.  Your credit/debit card number is encrypted in the system and cannot be viewed.

Please provide the following information and click the send button.
​We will contact you by email to complete your pledge.

Employers add Sound Learning classes as a benefit.

If you have employees that can benefit from our classes, why not sponsor them and add educational help to your list of benefits?  We can help your employees improve their basic skills including reading, writing, math and English.  Our classes are designed for all levels of students.  

Better educated employees enhance your workforce by providing:

  • a stronger pool of employees that are able to be promoted to supervision,

  • employees that are safer on the job because they can understand the rules, 

  • employees that communicate clearly with their supervisors and co-workers

  • employees that are able to provide better customer service, respond to questions from customers.


The following organizations make our work a success with their generous contributions.  Please support them whenever possible.

Steve J. Miller Foundation
Archibald Foundation
Kiwanis Clubs of Mason County
Shelton Skookum Rotary
Green Diamond Resource Company
Norcliffe Foundation
Olympia Federal Savings
United Way of Mason County
Shelton Rotary
Lucky Seven Foundation
The Community Foundation of South Puget Sound
One Family Foundation
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