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     And the winners are......


Latest Buzz.......Spell-E-Bration a success!

The winners of the 23rd Annual Spell-E-Bration are:

1st Place:

The William G Reeders, sponsored by Green Diamond Resource Company

Team Members:  Jenny Grenfell, Blake Bresnahan, and Todd Goings








2nd Place:

The Journal Super Spellers, sponsored by The Mason County Journal

Team Members:   Theresa Murray, Linda Frizzell and Dan Frizzell  

















The 17 teams assembled and competition was fierce and fun for the big event. The audience was excited and energetic.  Each team had supporters cheering them on and encouraging them to spell that word

The event was held at the Civic Center in downtown Shelton.  There were over 180 people attending the event.  In addition to the Bee, we had a Silent Auction with over 60 items up for bid, A Balloon Pop with a grand prize of a night for two at Alderbrook Resort and the CashSwarm. All in all, a fun time for everyone.

As in past years, Spelling Bee teams consisted of three adult spellers.  They competed for the winner's trophy in an atmosphere of friendly community support and spirited rivalry that we have all come to expect.  Each team was sponsored by a business or community member (or members).  

     The Spell-E-Bration is the major fundraiser of the year for Sound Learning. Proceeds help to support the work of the dedicated staff and volunteers who provide classroom education and tutoring at locations in Mason and Thurston counties. 

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