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Our 2017 Sponsors

(we will be updating this list weekly)

Please support our community sponsors by patronizing their businesses.

Major Sponsors and Full Team Sponsors:


  • Hiawatha Corporation

  • Forma Construction

  • Green Diamond Resource Company

  • iFiberone Radio News, KMAS

  • The Mason County Journal

  • Rotary Club of Shelton

  • Shelton Skookum Rotary Club

  • Daniel Anthony Johnson Inc.

  • The Mystery Bees

  • Olympia Federal Savings

  • Peninsula Federal Credit Union

  • The Kiwanis Clubs of Mason County

  • Our Community Credit Union

  • The Voskuhl Family

  • The Batstone Family


Team Sponsors - Partial:


  • Dave & Nancy Bayley

  • Mason County Title

  • Hood Canal Communications

  • Toby and Pat Kevin

  • Bill and Lynn Busacca

  • The Appel-bees

  • The Williams Family (Mike, Cheryl & AB)

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